No Smoking in our homes or on the premises

All DCR properties are non smoking properties, this includes marijuana products

Annual Inspections

Each property is inspected on an annual basis .  Both interior and exterior.  

When something goes wrong

As a tenant of a DCR property, it will be your responsibility to let the DCR team know any time something needs to be fixed.  Failure to do so  can result in the repairs becoming your responsibility

Renters Insurance

All DCR tenants must show proof of renters insurance.

Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Every property has at least 1 smoke detector and at least 1 carbon monoxide detector provided.  Once the tenant takes possession of the unit, testing  the smoke detector every 6 months and  battery replacement is the tenants  responsibility

Yard Maintenance and inclement weather

Unless other wise stipulated all landscaping  is your responsibility including; watering, weed pulling , mowing and helping to keep bushes away from the home.  Also when snow and ice hits us, it will be your responsibility to shovel and deice side walks and driveways. 

Fees and charges


Screening Fee

DCR does a through background check.  Each individual over the age of 18  whom will be residing in the unit will need to provide a completed application and a screen fee of $75.00 each.

Security Deposit

Once the application has been approved, a security deposit equal to one months rent will be collected by the DCR office within a 48 hour time period to hold the unit.

Late Fees

There will be a $75.00 late fee for all rent payments paid past the 5th of the month.

Non Sufficiant Funds

There is a $45.00 charge on all non sufficient checks returned plus $75.00 late fee.


Once the security deposit has been received,  the future tenant will be given  contact numbers to all applicable utilities, so that all utilities can be turned on in new tenants name.

Pet Fees

If you have a pet and the property you have chosen allows pets, there will be an additional deposit equal to one months rent.